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vox previous community: this put the name and password so that you continue to enjoy my blog I hope you understand hi all want you to read this first now my page is restricted to people from outside can only see my blog people who know my password to view any post I do can only see my community ...... also I can give through my mail password: arpu_19@hotmail.com

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Account Deleted

Hello Marjae!
I was one of your neighbors in VOX
I've already add you as neighbor, can you add me back?
Thank you:)


Hello Marjae,
Nice to meet you again on TypePad
I'm Tazi from Vox (Tazi_chan) as your neighbor
Please add me back again as your neighbor on TypePad ne...
Onegai shimasu

Arigatou ^-^

Account Deleted

hello marjae,
i am satoshi252 from vox.
i am so glad to find u here! got a bit shocked when vox said they r closing down for real! i hope u dont mind me following u here =)
thanks for all the pictures upload of arashi!

Account Deleted

Hello~ It's me seika in vox. I like ARASHI very much.
could add me please? thank you.


Hello! I was one of your neighbors in VOX, hope we could follow each othere here too :)

carlitasho arashi love

Marjae,Nice to meet you~
muchas gracias por este gran blog, esta super kawaiii
thanks ♥♥


hi, Marjae...love your blog..
amiga esta lo maximo..
okis..estamos en contac..


You do very well with this typepad thing.
I love your blog ^^


[this is good]

I hope you do not mind if I add you to my friends. And I hope you accept me, too.
I love Arashi and I'm glad that there are so many of their fans)))
And thank you for your work!


I hope you do not mind if I add you to my friends. And I hope you accept me, too.
I love Arashi  and I'm glad that there are so many of their fans)))
And thank you for your work!


Kytana if you are part of my community ..... I'm happy to have you here n_n
thanks for always stop by my space!!!!


Girl! I've loved your scans! =D I'm not sure if you added me but I surely have added you and been keeping up. :o) Keep up the good work! *hugs*


Hi...My name is Nao. I guess we're sharing the same ichiban. (>///<)

I added you as neighbour. I hope you don't mind adding me back.

Nice to talk to you. Will see you around.


hi ~ i love arashi !

i added you as neighbour.. can you add me back?

please ^_^



Welcome to my community


Hello~!I love ARASHI >_< Can you add me? onegai! yorosiku!

Pei Sze

Yes very happy to see so many ARASHI fan around the world. It's just amazing..Thanks


happy to have one more friend in my community to foster a love Arashi ..... Welcome to my community



from Brazil .......... clearly welcome you to join my community


Welcome to Singapore to live the love of arashi


hello marjae. i like arashi just like you.
I added you to my neighborhood, is it okay?


Hello, my name is Grah and I'm from Brazil!
I had already added a while, but I did not dare to comment before, sorry >///<
Can you add me back?
Thank you >////<

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu o /

Pei Sze

Hi, can you add me? I'm Pei Sze from Singapore.Love ARASHI . Thanks



hello ~ marjae770

I added you as neighbour... may you add me back please?

yoroshiku onegaishimasu ~


chi-chi desu..
an arashi fan too
i've already add you, hope you add me back...
thank you...^^

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